We undertake a diverse range of apostolic activity. However, since our call is to be “truly missionary”, we are called to establish the Church where it does not exist and to renew existing communities rather than to participate in activities and places where the Church is already established with sufficient resources.

In Europe we serve especially through activities with youth and in education, in solidarity with people who are excluded and marginalised, in general pastoral care particularly in parishes which are more missionary and in support of those who are seeking meaning in life.


Education: we promote Gospel and Marist values and seek to develop and support non-formal education amongst disadvantaged young people. We are involved in 15 educational projects across Europe.

Support for people searching
for meaning in life

Support for people searching for meaning in life: we accompany people wherever we meet them, sensitive to their efforts to make sense of life and find a place in society and the Church of today. Integral to this is the desire for inter-religious dialogue.

More missionary parishes

More missionary parishes: we endeavour to develop parishes as communities of faith which reach out in an inclusive way to all people – enabling parishioners to be active participants in mission.

Solidarity with excluded and marginalised people

To be in solidarity with people who experience exclusion and marginalisation: we seek to be present and close to the socio-economically excluded and poor in society, to accompany them and to cooperate with other organisations in these efforts.

Collaboration with laity

Collaboration with laity: We undertake ministry in cooperation with lay people. We share with them our spirituality and pass on to them responsibility for Marist works. Here is a directory which guides our relationships between religious and lay marists.

Marist Community Life

Marist Community Life: we live in community which is an essential witness in our mission. We seek to build communities capable of promoting vocations to Marist life.