We form one united group (a province) in Europe so that we can act together in solidarity although we are spread over 9 countries – an enriched communion for mission. We place all we have and are at the service of the people of Europe. Our intention is to contribute in Mary’s way to sharing the spirit of Jesus with all people in Europe struggling toward a culture of unity, justice and compassion.

The region of Spain

There are 25 Marists Fathers in Spain. Three of them serve the Society of Mary in other countries and 22 actually live and work in Spain distributed across four communities. Although their average age is high, they are still very involved in ministry. In fidelity to the invitation of the Marist Constitutions Numbers 20 and 111, their only concern is to proclaim the Gospel, including its social justice dimension. Older Marists are not like soldiers living in retirement or as reserves; their active prayers, united to the ministry of the younger members of the region, make an effective contribution to the mission of the Society of Mary and of the Church.

But even if the average age is high, every Marists experiences the challenge of living the Gospel as Mary did and of inviting others to do the same. They try to be instruments of God’s mercy in an environment in which God is often not considered. This spirit of mercy is characteristic of the pastoral projects under the responsibility of the four Marist communities and which they undertake in close collaboration with lay people: education ministry (a school in Malgrat de Mar, Barcelona), parish mission (in Coslada-Madrid and in León), hospital chaplaincy (in the public hospital Henares-Coslada and in the clinic Santa Elena, Madrid), youth ministry, and helping disadvantaged people in collaboration with social services.

According to our founder, Fr Jean-Claude Colin, Marist life is not the privilege of consecrated religious people only. Lay people share the same spirituality and mission. We, the Marists in Spain, give thanks to God that he has given this same spirit to so many people in the areas where we are now present or where we have been in the past. They are gathered as groups of Lay Marists with their own proper spiritual and pastoral identity, and they are happy to belong to the Family of Mary.

The region of Italy

The region comprises 37 religious men, divided in 8 communities. In implementing their mission, they collaborate with lay women and men as well as other local clergy.

The Marist Fathers in Italy live out their mission in different fields of ministry:

Parish Ministry: The Italian Marist Fathers consider parishes as a place which brings them close to lives of ordinary people, walking with each person in the time and circumstances in which they find themselves. This Ministry is experienced in the following communities: Marconia (Matera), Roma, Pratola Peligna (L’Aquila) and Castiglion Fiorentino (Arezzo).

Welcoming Communities: The community in Moncalieri (Torino) offers hospitality to students and working people and during weekends it welcomes groups for retreats. In addition for the last 20 years, it has offered hospitality to Mums and their children who are experiencing difficult times. Responsibility for this last ministry is entirely carried out by lay people.

Shrine of Nostra Signora di Lourdes: This is a small city centre church in Turin. It offers people the possibility of stopping for a while despite the busyness of daily life, to feel welcomed and loved by God the Father giving thanks during opportunities of prayer, the Eucharist or the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
Education: A primary mission for the Marist Fathers in Italy is to cooperate with God in forming the person through the educative journey. They are involved in formal education in Rome (Istituto S. Giovanni Evangelista) and in non-formal education in Brescia with the Centro di Aggregazione Giovanile Carmen Street which develops projects aimed at addressing various needs of young people (minors) and at promoting multiculturalism.

Marist Laity: In Fr. Colin’s vision Marist spirituality is not the reserve of religious men/women or priests only. A substantial number of lay people live the Marist spirit in various groups and places – through occasions of sharing and prayer – at a local level and at least once at year, in a national meeting. There are also meetings which involve the whole Marist family.


Regional Superior: Str. Cunioli Alti, 7 – 10024 Moncalieri (TORINO)
Tel.: +39 011 661 04 31

The English region

In the English Region most of us still live within the boundaries of our own country, though we also have members in Rome and Moscow. In all, we number just over twenty Marists – some not in brilliant health, the majority not in the first flush of youth.

At present we have communities in Hull, Walsingham, Blackburn and Sheffield. One of us is a member of the international community based at Notre Dame de France in Leicester Square, London.

Traditionally we have been associated with education, parishes and various forms of chaplaincy.

At present we are involved in parish work in Hull and Sheffield, and also the group of parishes in the area surrounding the National Shrine of Our Lady in Walsingham, which we administer on behalf of the Diocese of East Anglia.

Those Marists not in these communities involve themselves pastorally in the area where they live, depending on their energy and the opportunities presented.

For further information please contact Fr Peter Corcoran s.m. at

The region of Ireland

There are just over forty Marist Fathers in the Irish Region, living in seven communities and a number of individual addresses. Six members of the region minister abroad in other countries in London, Walsingham, Mexico City, Paris and Rome.

Three of the communities are Parish communities in St Teresa’s Parish, Donore Ave. Dublin [], St Brendan’s Parish, Coolock in Dublin []and Holy Family Parish, Muirhevnamore, Dundalk [Email:].

The Marist Fathers are Patrons of three schools in Ireland: Chanel College Coolock [] and Catholic University School [], both in Dublin and St Mary’s College in Dundalk [ ]. One Marist works as Headmaster and others as chaplains of the schools. There are Marist communities on the site of the three schools. The Marist Education Authority (MEA) acts on behalf of the Marist Fathers in relation to the schools [].

The seventh community is Mount St Mary’s Milltown, Dublin, is the site of the former house of studies.

Two members of the region, lecture in Theology in All Hallows College and Maynooth College.

Individual Marists work in the areas of Spiritual Direction, Counselling, Social Ministry, psychotherapy and chaplain to the Irish Army

Traditionally nearly a third of Irish Marists have worked abroad in other mission areas, mostly Oceania. Now as well as Oceania, Irish Marists have also made themselves available for missionary work in countries like: Peru/Venezuela, Cameroon/Senegal, and the Philippians.

For further information contact: or

The region of France

50 religious in five communities! Tending towards being of an older age group, many of us are retired from active ministry and live in community at Ste Foy-les-Lyon or in other facilities catering for older people. Others amongst us are engaged in the Marist mission in close collaboration with diocesan personnel or lay people who frequently carry overall responsibility for the projects. For all of us the challenge is: to maintain our Gospel zeal in religious life and in the mission while our age advances and our numbers decrease.

We are involved in four mission activities:

  • – A spirituality Centre in the heart of the city of Toulon: a place of welcome, accompaniment, prayer, for meetings, formation and training. Marists also exercise different forms of ministry in the local church, including chaplaincy to Marist educational establishments.
  • – The house of welcome and hospitality of La Neylière in the hills around Lyon where the founder of the Marists is buried, the Venerable Fr Jean-Claude Colin. As a spirituality centre, it offers opportunities for meetings and other events. As a house for the Marist Family, it welcomes many Marists both religious and lay who go there from Europe and from around the globe to be renewed.
  • – Education ministry in seven Marist schools in France: Senlis, Bury-Rosary (Val d’Oise), Riom, Lyon and three in the area around Toulon. At this time the schools are run by lay people in collaboration with the Marist congregation. An official Church organisation (Maristes en éducation), brings together in one body lay people involved in the schools and who wish to continue the Marist educational mission through the choices they make and the values which guide them.

Developments: Marist Laity. In the founder’s vision, Marist life was not restricted to religious or priests. At a time when the French region experiences itself as reducing in its workforce, it experiences lay people in a variety of places living the Marist spirit in groups. They have now come together in an organisation called Maristes Laïcs which strives to accompany them in their desire to grow and develop as Marists.


Regional House: 104 rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris – Mail: -Tel. 01 45 49 67 93
Marist Centre of Documentation: . Tel. 01 45 49 67 94.
On the regional website you can also find contact details of the other branches of the Marist family – The Brothers, Sisters, Marist Missionary Sisters and Marist Laity:

The region of Germany

There have been Marists in Germany and German Marist missionaries abroad since 1900. In this way we have always been aware of being part of the worldwide Church. As a spiritual fraternity, as religious with international experience, we try to witness to the Good News. Our mission is in pastoral work, for example through telephone counselling (Passau), school chaplaincy (Fürstenzell), retreat work, celebration of the sacrament of reconciliation and spiritual direction.

Brothers share the responsibility of running our houses. Currently, we are living in five communities (Meppen, Ahmsen, Dessau, Fürstenzell, Passau). There are 38 priests and brothers in the region. Further information and contact addresses are easy to find on our homepage

The region of the Netherlands

Marist Priests and Brothers: Region of the Netherlands and Norway (30 members)

In 1911 the Marist priests and brothers established themselves in the Netherlands by starting an apostolic school in Hulst, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. The members of the community assisted in accordance with their talents in a institute for special education and in the surrounding parishes.
Contact: Fr. Joop Reurs: Community address: Zandstraat 10, NL-4561 SC Hulst, tel. 0114 373140,

Marists in the Netherlands have been attracted to special ministries. Still today some Marists are active amongst refugees and migrant communities who are in need support.
Contact: Fr. Wim van Broekhoven, Koningin Julianalaan 5, NL-1421 AG Uithoorn, e-mail;

The Netherlands have still close ties with the young churches in Oceania. The region contributes as much as possible to the formation of candidates and helps to finance the education of students.
Contact:Fr. Jan Volkers, Kerkstraat 52, NL-6551 ZZ Weurt , tel. 024 6750660 , e-mail :

In Norway an international Marist community fulfils its apostolic mission by taking responsibility for local parishes and by giving spiritual direction.
Contact : Maristua Fr. Rory Mulligan,Kroken 15, N-Strommen tel. 00 47 46465155 e-mail:

In December 2011 a community was established in the city centre of Deventer. The community welcomes people who want to know more about religious life. The community is still seeking ways to fulfil its apostolic mission in the city centre.
Contact: Fr. Jan Hulshof, Broederenstraat 18 A, NL-7411 LB Deventer, tel. 0570 545069 e-mails:

The region enjoys very good relations with the Marist Brothers and the group of Marist Lay People. They meet in ‘het Maristenoverleg’ to talk about common interests and projects.
Contact: Fr. Ton Bun, Kloosterstraat 5 ,NL-7137 MZ Lievelde e-mail; Regional superior of the Netherlands